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The International Laurence Sterne Foundation (ILSF) aims to encourage study of the life and works of Laurence Sterne, and facilitate and coordinate ways in which Sterne scholars may meet together. Anyone interested in the aims of the ILSF may join by the payment of dues. Membership will be required for active participation in ILSF conferences. 

Students and general members of ILSF can subscribe to The Shandean at a discounted rate. Institutions/libraries can support the ILSF by annual donation and will be gratefully acknowledged in all ILSF publications.

- 2017 Membership ILSF / The Shandean Volume 28 with discount
- 2016 Membership ILSF / The Shandean Volume 27 with discount
- 2015 Membership ILSF / The Shandean Volume 26 with discount
- 2014 Membership ILSF / The Shandean Volume 25 with discount

Please send the completed ILSF form   

- by e-mail to Jessy van Geloven: theshandean@xs4all.nl
- or by post to: 
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If you have any questions re ILSF Membership Form or your discount subscription to The Shandean, please e-mail to: