The Study







The study where most of Sterne's works were written. Above the mantelpiece portraits of Sterne, on the table some of the works that influenced him: Montaigne, Shakespeare and Burton.

Shandy Hall contains the largest collection of first and contemporary editions of Sterne's works anywhere in the world. It also contains a comprehensive run of later editions and of translations into more than 15 foreign languages.

There are also autograph letters and tithe accounts; portraits and contemporary prints, a copy of the Nollekens bust of Sterne, files of newpapers to which Sterne contributed; source-books in the editions known to have been used by Sterne; first and other contemporary editions available to Sterne of books by such writers as Fielding, Richardson, Smollett, Johnson and Goldsmith; and a comprehensive range of biography, bibliography and criticism for Sterne studies.